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From: VOICE News Service (1:396/4)
To: All
Date: Mon, 23.12.19 20:18
General: os2-base, python-setuptools_scm, python-dateutil,
From: VOICE News Service

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++


*os2-base, python-setuptools_scm, python-dateutil, os2tk45, watcom, klusrmgr,
m4, automake, nss, coreutils, autoconf-archive, binutils*
We released version 0.0.1-2 of os2-base (OS/2 - eComStation 2.0 - ArcaOS 5.0
base), version 3.3.3-1 of python-setuptools_scm (Blessed package to manage your
versions by SCM tag), version 2.8.1-2 of python-dateutil (Powerful extensions
to the standard datetime module), version 4.5.2-10 of os2tk45 (IBM OS/2
Developer's Toolkit Version), version 2.0beta3-5 of watcom (Watcom Compiler
tools for gcc), version 1.3.1-1 of klusrmgr ((kLIBC) User Manager) , version
1.4.18-1 of m4 (The GNU macro processor), version 1.16.1-1 of automake (A GNU
tool for automatically creating Makefiles), version 3.47.0-2 of nss (Network
Security Services), version 8.31-1 of coreutils (A set of basic GNU tools
commonly used in shell scripts), version 2019.01.06-1 of autoconf-archive (The
Autoconf Macro Archive), version 2.33.1-1 of binutils (A GNU collection of
binary utilities)
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install just use
either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the
netlabs rel repo> or at the netlabs exp

What's new in os2-base:

* fix usage os os2_config_sys macro
* use -e for all post/pre state

What's new in python-setuptools_scm:

* first release

What's new in python-dateutil:

* remove tzdata req for now (needs to be ported once)
* update to version 2.8.1
* merge spec with latest fedora one

What's new in os2tk45:

* use -e and %% in scriplets, so it gets expanded right

What's new in watcom:

* use -e and %% in scriplets, so it gets expanded right

What's new in klusrmgr:

* fix bug upon -init invocation
* added additional default groups and users
* internal: Addition of group/user manipulation routines without GUI

What's new in m4:

* updated to version 1.4.18
* cleanup of the spec and use scm_* macros

What's new in automake:

* update to version 1.16.1
* cleanup the spec and use scm_ macros and friends

What's new in nss:

* fix a bug in the nss*config scripts

What's new in coreutils:

* update to versiion 8.31
* fix ticket #1
* merge spec with fedora one
* remove Work around sort stdn close failure (#145), as fixed in libc now

What's new in autoconf-archive:

* first release

What's new in binutils:

* update to version 2.33.1
* merge spec with fedora one

To be able to finish our goals we need *your support*. Please sponsor as much
as possible via our webshop
ang=1> or via our Patreon page>.

-- freundliche Grüsse / kind regards
Silvan Scherrer

/Silvan Scherrer
AROA Informatik AG

Tel. +41 71 243 55 77> /
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* Origin: News Gate @ Net396 -Huntsville, AL - USA (1:396/4)


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