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From: Torsten Bamberg (2:240/5832)
To: All
Date: Sun, 25.11.18 21:00
Hallo Joe!

25.11.2018 10:14, Joe Schweier schrieb an Torsten Bamberg:

JS> That was more than I was looking for... Looking through it... I don't
JS> do OS/2 much... used it in the mid 90's bought it to play with it... I
JS> have some BBS software that is OS/2 and I'm playing with it.
Well, the date.exe command on arcaos/ecomstation is very special.

JS> I'll just ask one more time... do you know the commandline needed to
JS> echo the current darte into an asc or TXT file??
It works in two easy ways:
c:\Foo\klibc\bin\date -u >> joes.asc

the path to date.exe must be used. Otherwise date wont work properly. Seems to
be a big bug.

the second way is like this:

=##= Anfang "date_.cmd" =##=
/* date_.cmd */
/* Rexx for typical date */
/* 25.11.2018 Torsten Bamberg */
call RxFuncAdd 'SysSleep', 'RexxUtil', 'SysSleep'


foo_out = joes.asc

echo' 'datestring' >> 'foo_out

=##= Ende "date_.cmd" =##=

This rexx script creates or appends a 11/25/18 in a textfile named joes.asc

JS> Because the one I used for windows and or DOS doesn't work.
I know this now. the date-command is a bit tricky and buggy.

JS> Thanx
You are welcome.

JS> Joe
Bye/2 Torsten

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