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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Sat, 28.04.12 03:07
blowing in the wind
Hello Maurice,

On Friday April 27 2012 21:20, you wrote to me:

MV>> ASCII, LATIN-1 and Cyrillic in one and the same Fidonet message.

MK> Yes. That was the idea behind it and given I only have three
MK> translations for "I've got squirrels in my pants" then it is
MK> restricted to those particular character sets. Care to add to it?

Not really. Languages are not my forte.

MV>> you can find them in Fidonews 28-52 and Fidonews 29-01

MK> I'd be interested in them except I lack zip.

You can't be serious! How long have you been in Fidonet?

MK> Do you have copies in plain text?

MK> For sure utf-8 messaging is a GREAT idea and I am aware of a couple of
MK> nodelisted sysops who are interested in supporting it. From my
MK> perspective I am thinking it would be a great idea for a new offline
MK> messaging scheme between an end user(s) and a supporting BBS.

That is not a matter for the FTSC. The FTSC comcerns itself with documenting
standard practise regarding the Fidonet tarnsport layer. What happens between
the user and the BBS is beyond the FTSC.

UTF-8 and the Fidonet transport layer is covered in FTS-5003.

MK> FYI has been
MK> upgraded since you downloaded it demontrating a rfc 3339 datetime
MK> stamp. Other than that it is the same including the Russian labelling
MK> of fields. Since the scheme adheres to utf-8 encoding the labelling
MK> could be any language currently covered by utf-8. I just picked
MK> Russian since it isn't ascii or any other single byte characters.

AFAIK the only character sets presently in use in Fidonet are the variatons of
the LATIN set and Cyrillic.

Cheers, Michiel

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