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From: Maurice Kinal (1:261/38.9)
To: All
Date: Thu, 26.04.12 17:37
i got got got got no time
Hey Rob!

RS> I'm not really sure what specifier set you're referring to with %F and %T.

They are time and date specifiers. %F is the full date, %T is the full time.
There are a whole slew of them used in c and other languages as well as apps
such as coreutils' 'date'. Extremely handy stuff.

RS> so there's no issue with any encoding (UTF-8 or otherwise)

Agreed. My original question to Alexey was about rfc 2822 datetime, which is
currently deployed in email headers, but since then have seen the greater value
in either iso-8601 or rfc 3339, and of those two choices rfc 3339 gets the
greatest approval rating.

RC> I think you're talking about local storage

Yes. I have been all along. Originally I was being blamed for output that had
nothing to do with me so I grabbed the opportunity to defend the local way. I
have nothing to do with the ftsc. All I have claimed thus far about anything
ftn-ish is that the datetime in msg headers has been obsolete for ages now and
should have been replaced long before now. The fact that it hasn't should be
indicative of something.

Life is good,

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