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From: Maurice Kinal (1:261/38.9)
To: All
Date: Thu, 26.04.12 07:09
i got got got got no time
Hey Rob!

RS> If you're going to adopt a different date/time format, I would
RS> recommend considering referencing ISO-8601

That was one of the earlier ones I looked at except my neighbour poo-pooed it
because of the 'T" seperator between %F and %T. He argued it fails on the
humanly readable front which is given the largest weight here. Also Alexey,
who originally started this arguement in this echo, favoured the %F specifier
for date. I agreed after thinking it fits best into any future utf-8
development simply because it is purely numeric, not counting the '-'
characters which isn't language specific. Thus far the rfc 3339 seems to fit
all considerations as well as scoring high on the human readabilty scale.

RS> it's unlikely to get wide adoption at this point

No doubt about that given that it should have happened over a decade ago.
However in the meantime it generated much more traffic in this area than is
normally seen, not counting election season. That has to be worth something.

RS> The reduction in storage (in bytes) is not a compelling argument today,
RS> especially since you'd have to retain the old fields for backwards
RS> compatibility anyway.

I disagree. I can generate any output from a stored rfc 3339 (or iso-8601 for
that matter) date/time/utc_offset format to a more 'acceptable' ftn style up to
and incuding the TZUTC kludge without any harm to the original stored field.
For example using iso-8601 on the commandline;

maurice@xena [ ~ ]$ date --iso-8601=seconds
maurice@xena [ ~ ]$ date --date="2012-04-26T04:50:14+0000" +"%d %b %y %T"
26 Apr 12 04:50:14
maurice@xena [ ~ ]$ echo "TZUTC: $(date +%z | tr -d +)"
TZUTC: 0000

Piece of cake. What else could anyone possibly want?

I cheated on the TZUTC part but could have just as easily used the iso-8601 as
input to extract it from a stored msg used as input rather than the above
generated one from the 'date' command. Same idea though.

Life is good,

... A Møøse once bit my sister ...
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* Origin: Pointy Stick Society (1:261/38.9)


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