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From: Alexey Vissarionov (2:5020/545)
To: All
Date: Wed, 25.04.12 00:52
i got got got got no time
Good ${greeting_time}, Maurice!

24 Apr 2012 12:59:08, you wrote to me:

AV>> We'll still need it for some years since the first introducing.
MK> Too late. You've already set the stage and it already is in use,
MK> although extremely narrowly at the moment.


MK> What is lacking is the documentation and support.

Support is the key: if something is not widely supported - there's no real
reasons for documenting it.

AV>> I've (manually) added the @DATETIME: kludge to this message.
MK> I see it. I was toying with the same idea just for demonstration
MK> but yours looks good. Thank you for the confirmation.

Most important, it does not break anything.

AV>> Obviously, the well-known TZUTC kludge and binary fields are
AV>> filled with the same values.
MK> Yes. I didn't count the 16 bit ones in the pkt header since they
MK> don't influence the DateTime in msg's. However since you bring it
MK> up there is another 12 bytes that could easily fall by the wayside
MK> without requiring replacing. One step at a time.

Of course.

AV>> I think you should apply for a node
MK> Is that an offer?

Alas, no - just an advise.

AV>> just to dilute the number of old farts here Smile
MK> Errrr ... I think I might be an old fart. Is there a minimum age to
MK> qualify or is it a purely attitude thing? Either way I think I might
MK> qualify.

The "old fart" is clearly the state of brain: some people are old farts at 30,
some are not even at 70...

Alexey V. Vissarionov aka Gremlin from Kremlin!gremlin; +vii-cmiii-ccxxix-lxxix-xlii

... :wq!
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