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From: Maurice Kinal (1:261/38.9)
To: All
Date: Tue, 24.04.12 23:27
i got got got got no time
Hey Alexey!

AV> Support is the key: if something is not widely supported - there's
AV> no real reasons for documenting it.

Sounds like a plan although what has happened thus far is being documented,
basically as comments for coding if and when that happens. The utf-8 local
archiving is deploying the rfc 3339 datetime stamp now. I find that it can
easily be converted to whatever other format is required for outbound,
including the stinkin' 16 bit and 8 bit binary crap in current and past usage,
and locally takes up much less and is vastly more powerful. I always trend
towards lean and mean.

AV> Most important, it does not break anything.

Right. In this case you've proved to me that it really isn't needed given a
kludge for utc offset. The only gripe I have with the current practice for
that kludge is the lack of a '+' character but that only slightly complicates
matters when converting it to a rfc 3339 type offset. Already have it figured

AV> Alas, no - just an advise.

Thank you anyhow. I discovered ages ago that a point is far more flexible than
a node. Not sure if that is the same in your neck of the woods but I am
guessing it is. To be quite honest I am not sure there are any nodes left in
this part of the world. I think I was the last nodelisted one on Vancouver
Island way back when the earth's crust was still cooling.

AV> The "old fart" is clearly the state of brain

I can do that, even (especially?Wink if I am faking it. A piece of cake. In the
local area I am the youngest of the "old fart" club and can easily hold my own
amongst that particular crowd. Smile

Life is good,

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* Origin: Pointy Stick Society (1:261/38.9)


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