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From: Election Coordinator (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Mon, 28.11.11 12:02
FTSC election, call for votes
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FTSC standing member elections, call for votes

Voting for FTSC standing members will commence on Sunday, November 27,
2011, 20:00 UTC.

All RCs and RECs are entitled to vote. Each voter may cast one "yes"
or one "no" vote for each candidate. Voters need not vote for all can-
didates, a non vote will be regarded as "abstain" for that candidate
Candidates must receive more "yes" than "no" votes to be elected.

Although not required, voters are encouraged to consult their
constituency before casting their votes. Debate with the candidates
is also encouraged. No need to hurry.

Voting ends at Sunday December 11th 2011, 20:00 UTC.

Persons holding both an RC and a REC position can only vote once.
The status of RC's and REC's will be determined by nodelist.310
for Z2 and for the other zones by nodelist.308 as issued by the
ZC in the zone where they reside.

This is the list of candidates:

Nominee Nominated by Accepted

Ivan Agarkov 2:5020/848 RC50 Yes
Andrew Clarke 3:633/267 RC28 Yes
Robert "Jame" Clay 1:120/546 RC28 Yes

Egor Glukhov 2:5061/120 RC28 Yes
Andre Grueneberg 2:2411/525 RC28 Yes
Mark Hofmann 1:261/1304 RC13 Yes
Dmitriy Romanov 2:6078/1 RC50 Yes
Michiel van der Vlist 2:280/5555 RC12 Yes

Voters are requested to copy and paste the form below and after
marking a cross for each candidate in the "yes" or the "no" column
for all candidates they wish to cast a vote for, and post it in
FTSC_PUBLIC with a subject of "vote".

Once again, voters need not vote for all candidates.

| Name | Node nr | Yes| No |
| Ivan Agarkov | 2:5020/848 | | |
| Andrew Clarke | 3:633/267 | | |
| Robert "Jame" Clay | 1:120/546 | | |

| Egor Glukhov | 2:5061/120 | | |
| Andre Grueneberg | 2:2411/525 | | |
| Mark Hofmann | 1:261/1304 | | |
| Dmitriy Romanov | 2:6078/1 | | |
| Michiel van der Vlist| 2:280/5555 | | |

Michiel van der Vlist
FTSC administrator 2:2/20

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* Origin: (2:280/5555)


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