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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Fri, 23.07.21 10:03
luckymobile +2GB extra deal
Hello Shawn!

AA>> But.. I could sorta stick it to them by converting the
AA>> POTS to a dry-loop (I think that's free now - it used to
AA>> be $10/mo), and just use cell for biz.

SH> That's why my friend went all cell. He couldn't stand the
SH> idea of paying that much more for a POTS line that had
SH> less features then his home phone.

15 years for your friend is a lot of $80/mo x 12months saved
(or not wasted!Wink

Considering that the internet would rarely go down when there
is an outtage, and the internet itself is rarely a problem with
my current ISP, perhaps a fallback POTS line at the shop is not
as critical.

I'm not paying anything extra for the basic $80/mo biz line
anyway. At one time Bell was saying that the biz qualification
entitled me to a modest listing in the Yellow Pages, but they
discontinued that eventually many years ago and only listed
biznesses that paid extra for a Yellow Pages listing. Now..
who even uses the darn paper version of the YP?

Also, Bell has done absolutely nothing for its biz customers
during the last 18 months of covid/lockdowns. When I've missed
paying the bill on the due date by a couple of days, I would
still get slapped with a charge/fee. The least they could do
was reduce the monthly rate to correlate with less volume of
calls going in and out. Something.

Your offer sounds sweet. Maybe if I have that Q5 in front of me
it will remind me how stupid I am to continue with $80/mo with
a biz-rated POTS line. At this point, $80/mo x 12 sounds like
a foolish payout, indeed.


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