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From: Gerrit Kuehn (2:240/12)
To: All
Date: Fri, 23.07.21 13:05
MX Linux
Hello Richard!

23 Jul 21 03:38, Richard Falken wrote to Dan Clough:

RF> I think you don't gain
RF> much by
RF> moving from Debian/Devuan to MX Linux but you are placing yourself
RF> further
RF> downstream which is always problematic.

Ah, well, if that was really true, no distribution derived from any other
should be recommended. So in this is certainly not universally true.
Comparing with stock Debian, I like the additional system management tools and
the more relaxed approach to software that Debian considers not free enough. I
have better ways to spend my time than teaching Debian how to come up with the
proper drivers for my wifi chipset, graphics card, zfs or whatever.


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