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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Wed, 21.07.21 09:09
luckymobile +2GB extra deal
Hello Shawn!

** On Wednesday 21.07.21 - 08:09, you wrote to me:

SH> I have one friend in WA that I could text. In fact I'll
SH> do so today. LOL

My service is not just SMS, it supports MMS which allows
attachments. I did *not* realize that until about year later!

AA>> ..BUT, I don't want people to think that they can call me
AA>> back on that darn device to ask questions or place
AA>> orders!

SH> Another friend of mine ported his business # to his
SH> cellphone when they first offered the service. He hasn't
SH> had a landline in at least 14 years now. Probably cheaper
SH> to have a second cellphone with your business # on it
SH> anyway.

I recognize the cost advantage over the traditional landline
that I have for the shop. But I'm afraid that I might lose the
phone, (or missplace it or forget it laying around somewhere -
which I've done!Wink

And.. I don't really like the feeling of constantly being
available "for business" - especially when I would rather have
peace and quiet.

If I just had the phone for biz, I don't know how I would be
able to take notes for the books that people might want -
especially when I *not* around a computer. It seems that I
would have to record every message and play it back or


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