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From: Maurice Kinal (1:153/7001)
To: All
Date: Sun, 18.07.21 00:18
glibc libcrypt
-={ 2021-07-17 22:18:36.607046428+00:00 }=-

Hey Benny!

BP> maybe pygopherd cloud be extended to client

At the moment I don't know but it seems to me that many Android apps are python
based so perhaps there is something there.

BP> then gopher wins

Maybe we'll see. I am still thinking about it and haven't taken any real steps
in this direction.

BP> you tell me after 30 years ?

Don't quit your day job. Smile

BP> this is my goal

There might be some fun to be had. I'll first have to set up a server,
probably on wireless, and see what kind of damage I can do with it before
getting too serious about it all.

Life is good,

... Nu hit ys on swines dome, cwæð se ceorl sæt on eoferes hricge.
It's up to the pig now, said the man sat on the boar's back.
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