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From: Benny Pedersen (2:230/0)
To: All
Date: Sat, 17.07.21 23:09
glibc libcrypt
Hello Maurice!

17 Jul 2021 05:19, Maurice Kinal wrote to Benny Pedersen:

MK> Me neither. As far as I can tell I only have lynx that works at the
MK> moment although I probably could write a bash script that uses netcat
MK> to create a client fidonet-ish app. There is a Net::Gopher module for
MK> perl and I've heard rumours of a python gopher module.

maybe pygopherd cloud be extended to client

BP>> i would like to do the replacement for ftp:// to gopher:// with
BP>> it, so i can close that problem with ftp protocol
MK> Offhand I think ftp is the better option.

if both is READ only Smile

but ftp clients try logins and if its possible to ftp upload crap

then gopher wins

BP>> i dont know much on how to build gopher pages yet
MK> Other than a client script for kermit, I havem't used gopher in
MK> roughly 30 years now.

you tell me after 30 years ?

BP>> feel free to send me example pages in netmail to test with
MK> This is your idea not mine but if I get more curious about it I might
MK> try something out that may or may not be of any interest to your goal
MK> for it.

my touch is to change filebase to be in gopher root dir as it was on ftp here,
so gopher:// will be with same content as Smile

MK> I can't see this idea catching on though beyond a server and
MK> a few clients on smartphones.

this is my goal

MK> Gopher might be a better option than
MK> sms messaging and the such. Is that what you're thinking?

mo i have jabber server for this if you like to connect

Regards Benny

... too late to die young Smile

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