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From: Aaron Grasswell (1:229/428)
To: All
Date: Sat, 17.07.21 15:58
MAFRAG lightbar area selctor now FREEWARE
Hi Everyone (just me?Wink,

I was in contact with Willow Lucas-Smith, the creator of MAFRAG, and she's
released MAFRAG v5.4 as FREEWARE. No more regitration or nag screen!

MAFRAG is an an amazingly fast and slick lightbar navigation door for
File/Message Groups/Areas.

If you're interested, you can download v5.4 FREEWARE from Dark Systems BBS:

It's in the BBS - RA - Utilities area

& thanks to Willow for the excellent utility!

Here's the File_ID.diz description:

The Most Complete Lightbar File/Message Group/Area for
Remote Access v2.xx around.
Can justify to center, left and right.
Can alter the text to upper, lower and fancy modes.
Saves the Users favourite positions for each individual group.
Allows the sysop to define a different setup for each group.
Has an interactive config program so the sysop can see what
it will look like before he sets it up on the bbs.
Security features include Flags, Alt. Groups, Security etc.
Lets the sysop have multiple columns of selections for the
user on each screen and now with automatic column setup
which lets Mafrag figure out the best number of columns at
Mafrag is the best looking, easiest to setup and use area
changer around. Use it now.

--- D'Bridge 4
* Origin: (1:229/428)
205 Goodbye


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