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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
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Date: Fri, 16.07.21 22:17
winds of winter.. soon
Hello Richard!

** On Friday 16.07.21 - 19:24, you wrote to me:

RM> Thanks for the link. Will have to check it out. Have been
RM> a big fan of the books for the last two decades and while
RM> I enjoyed the show I was disappointed when it passed the
RM> books.

The excerpt does nothing for me. It's probably because the
teaser is so out of context that it feels plucked from thin air
and therefore unimpressive. But, it gives a feel of GRRM's
inventiveness of the names and of some of dialog in the story.

I thought it was extremely unusual that the tv-show
extrapolated the storyline on its own (no doubt with GRRM's
blessing) ..but the ending seemed rushed and nonsensical in
some places. Maybe the film-people could have released each
season every OTHER season to buy time for GRRM to catch up.

RM> At some point prior to it's release I'll have to go reread
RM> them all just to refresh my memory.

I cheated. I started with the film version, and only referred
to the books when I wanted "more to the story". But as the
film version progressed, it started to deviate more from the
written version. But the books remain the best as you get
into the heads of the characters and can understand their
motives more.

But Winds of Winter may not be the last one either. I think
GRRM is toying with the idea of having yet another volume
(Dream of Spring) to conclude the story.

As a book seller, I usually get notifications of release dates
far in advance. But Winds of Winter is not on the radar, yet.


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