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Date: Tue, 17.12.19 05:38
General: Warpstock 2019 Orlando, some photos and other tidbits by
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A non-technical post today, looking back on Warpstock 2019 in Orlando.

Warpstock 2019, as always, was a nice event, always something new to learn,
and most of all meet and talk to old friends again ...

I did take some pictures those few days, which may be viewed at:

For those interested in my 4400 mile roadtrip before and after the event, 60
images at:

And the full gallery (450 images) at:

Also, the presentations, including two DFSee ones turned up on Youtube too:

Which has the list of presentations, the DFSee ones are:

D1S8 Filesystems and Partitioning
D2S2 DFSee 16x feature overview

Both are about an hour and a half, and somewhat boring unless you are really
interested in the details.
But the second one is better and has some good laughs near the end as well Smile

Of course the presentations themselves are also on the DFSee website:

Regards, JvW

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