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From: Joe Bruchis (1:3828/12)
To: All
Date: Wed, 27.12.06 18:45
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Michiel.

24 Dec 06 20:33, you wrote to Michael Dukelsky:

MV> Hello Michael!

MV> On Sunday December 24 2006 21:12, you wrote to me:

>>>>>> Yeah, if I'm heading toward the sunset.

WD>>>>> Exactly ... ;-)

BF>>>> Isn't that circular reasoning? ;)

MV>>> [ astronomer's hat on ]

MV>>> It is.

MD>> Oh, is it a special hat that allows to see the West looking
MD>> eastwards?
MD>> Smile

MV> It is the hat that says "west" is *defined* by the direction of the
MV> sunset.

I thought it was the direction relative to the North South axis of your

However, they tell me the plane of a football field goal line goes all the way
around the world. That's hard to imagine.


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