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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: n/a
Date: Tue, 10.12.19 17:02
Questions about batch file
On 2019 Dec 09 00:26:38, you wrote to All:

SD> Needing a little help here...I wrote a simple batch file to process my
SD> weekly Fidonet nodelists. Should I be using something like nodelist.0??
SD> should I use nodelist.0* in the below batch?

i don't know that it matters but some positive critique maybe?

SD> === Cut ===
SD> @echo off
SD> cd\qnode
SD> if exist d:\bt\in\nodelist.z?? copy d:\bt\in\nodelist.z??

if exist d:\bt\in\nodelist.z?? move d:\bt\in\nodelist.z?? d:\qnode\

SD> for %%A in (nodelist.0?? nodelist.1?? nodelist.2?? nodelist.3??Wink do
SD> echo
SD> y|del %%A unzip nodelist.z?? echo y|del nodelist.z??

then you don't need the above part at all... but that kinda looks mangled,
now... i'd still do the move but i'm also still thinking in 4DOS/4OS2 mode...
i'd probably do something like

@echo off
cd d:\qnode
if exist d:\bt\in\nodelist.z?? move d:\bt\in\nodelist.z?? d:\qnode\
if exist nodelist.0?? del /y nodelist.0??
if exist nodelist.1?? del /y nodelist.1??
if exist nodelist.2?? del /y nodelist.2??
if exist nodelist.3?? del /y nodelist.3??
unzip nodelist.z??
del /y nodelist.z??

it'll probably be faster than the loop but i dunno... it might also be "del /q"
but i don't recall the raw OS/2 del command options any more...


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