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From: Alan Ianson (1:153/757)
To: All
Date: Thu, 26.03.20 11:39
blocked or no more free nodes!
Hello All,

I have recently put a website online with BBBS using bbbsd with http and https
and am getting lines in my log like..

Got HTTP from ???.???.???.???Confused????, blocked or no more free nodes! Got raw
from ???.???.???.???Confused????, blocked or no more free nodes!

I have been running telnetd, rawd, ftpd and smtpd without issues. Once I added
http and https to my bbbsd command line I've been seeing the above. After a
time nothing responds anymore, not telnet, not raw and not ftp.

Needless to say that is just not going to work. Smile

I'm not sure what the problem or solution might be. At the moment I have taken
http and https off my command line to run the BBS servers but I would like to
have the website available also.

Anyone know why this happens or what I can do to make it work better?

--- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-4
* Origin: The Rusty MailBox - Penticton, BC Canada (1:153/757)


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