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From: LEE GREEN (1:102/401)
To: All
Date: Sat, 14.03.20 21:26
ftp service
-> Hello All,

-> I have been having trouble getting the ftp service working here. I
-> that I could log into the ftp server with an ftp client and issue the
-> command to turn off passive mode and it would work well for me then.

-> So I added the BBS machine to the DMZ so all ports would be open to the
-> and then file transfers from the BBS web page or FTP server work fine.

-> I just wonder if there is a range of ports I should open rather than use the
-> DMZ?

The unsecure ftp ports are 20 and 21, secure ports are 989 and 990.

You should also do a search for FTP Ephemeral Ports which I believe
passive uses which would be a range of ports that are dynamic..

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) suggests the range 49152
to 65535 (215+214 to 216-1) for dynamic or private ports.[1]

Many Linux kernels use the port range 32768 to 61000.[note 2] FreeBSD
has used the IANA port range since release 4.6. Previous versions,
including the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), use ports 1024 to
5000 as ephemeral ports.[2][3]

Microsoft Windows operating systems through XP use the range 1025-5000
as ephemeral ports by default.[4] Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Server
2008 use the IANA range by default.[5] Windows Server 2003 uses the
range 1025-5000 by default, until Microsoft security update MS08-037
from 2008 is installed, after which it uses the IANA range by
default.[6] Windows Server 2008 with Exchange Server 2007 installed has
a default port range of 1025-60000.[7] In addition to the default range,
all versions of Windows since Windows 2000 have the option of specifying
a custom range anywhere within 1025-65535.

-> Thanks for any input.

-> --- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-4
-> * Origin: The Rusty MailBox - Penticton, BC Canada (1:153/757.2)
--- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
* Origin: TECHWARE BBS - Since 1995 - (1:102/401)


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