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From: Chris Costakis (2:222/2)
To: All
Date: Tue, 28.01.20 14:07
BBBS on Raspberry Pi4?
> Has anyone had any experiance setting up BBBS on a Raspberry Pi?
> I have a couple of Pi 4s to play with, but very little (if any) Linux
> experience, so this may be a complete wild shot.
> But if there is anyone out there which has some information on how to get
> started, may be one day my BBS will be back?

I have it running on my Pi 4. I would recommend imaging an sdcard with
Once you?ve done that, it?s a fairly straightforward path to login and download
the BBBS Linux package and apply the ARM update binaries over it. The rest of
the configuration seems to be just like it is with any of the other BBBS
supported platforms. Good luck! The RPi 4 is fun little machine to play with.


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