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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
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Date: Mon, 31.05.21 11:23
I am so sick of packing boxes
Hello C.G. Learn!

** On Monday 31.05.21 - 08:44, C.G. Learn wrote to Alan Ianson:

CGL> I can honestly say, after this move, I will never do this
CGL> again. I am so sick of packing boxes, and all the other
CGL> stress moving causes. Never Again LOL

When I moved out of Montreal (Quebec) back to Ontario, I
decided that I was going to "save" a few thousand dollars and
accomplish it all by myself. I made about 6 round-trips
between Ontario/Montreal (about 420km one-way), packing my shit
all by myself into a Ford Bronco, from a 7th floor apartment to
my truck in the underground parking and crossing 4 different
doors along the way.

Most of the larger furniture could be dismantled (IKEA), but I
had all the time I wanted since I was on a month-to-month lease
in Montreal. The project was complete after 4 months.

I only needed an extra pair of hands with the mattresses and my
couch - and a larger vehicle (a van) that was graciously loaned
to me.

The whole process was somewhat cathartic. But I am not sure I
would want to engage in a 6 round-trip moving journey ever

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