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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
To: All
Date: Thu, 06.12.12 16:48
FidoGazette Vol 6 no 20 Page: 4
Bre'r Janis Kracht wrote about RE:FidoGazette Vol 6 no 20 Page: 4 to
Bre'r Roy Witt:

>>> Rumors, Lies and Doggone Deceptions...

>>> And so..It seems like Ward Dossche is on a roll Smile

>>> What do you think his end game is?

>> See the Fidonews article he wrote after he was booted out of the IC
>> chair
>> ... and don't forget it! Ever!

JK> How sad. What fun would fidonet be for Ward if all he had to talk
JK> with to was himself? Well, I guess he'd like it that way ...
JK> I'm sure he thinks his Fidonews rant yesterday (and that is all you
JK> can classify it as) somehow defends his position. All I saw was a
JK> frustrated attempt to demonize someone else

That demonization ended up as usual, demonizing Ward himself.

The best part of his tirade afterward, in defense of his not using
internet protocols to check things out first was the pings, tracerts and
Whois lookups that others did in advance of their responses to Ward.

His calling the listed number and not getting an answer was the icing on
the cake. I thought he might know more about flags than he showed us (CM
vs ICM) and the statement that he called a CM node at all convinced me and
others that he's as inept as a newbie node.

I think it was Ronald Reagan who coined the phrase, 'verify, verify and
verify some more before sticking both feet in your mouth.'


... What Would Roy Witt Do ? - Cato the Elder - SD-138722

--- Ya have ta ask yourself: What Would Roy Witt Do?
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