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From: Andre Grueneberg (2:2411/525)
To: All
Date: Sun, 12.02.12 00:10
binkp checksum protected file transfer
Hi Stas

Stas Degteff schrieb:

> Reliable link may be breaked, but guarantees delivery. If the
> datagram isn't delivered, the sender (application level OSI) receives
> the notification about nondelivery or (transport level OSI) doesn't
> receive the notice on delivery at the timeout.

Exactly. It guarantees that the data put on the link will reach the other end.
It does not guarantee that the data you put on the link is the one you read
from disk or you write to disk.

Why would we have a checksum in TIC files or in archives?

> AG> Indeed, CRC16 can catch a few bit errors.
> Probability of an error passed by CRC16 is very low: 2^-16.

This is not full truth about CRC ... but generally you're right.
I did not doubt about the TCP checksumming.

> It means that CRC32 on a file detects less errors than CRC16 on a TCP
> packet. You offer a monkey job Smile

That's why I suggested to use hash functions (see my original mail).

And you forget about the argument of hardware/software issues between disk and

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