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From: Bob Ackley (1:2905/3)
To: All
Date: Sun, 24.12.06 07:35
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REPLY: 2:292/854 00000309
MSGID: 1:2905/3 458e2159
Replying to a message of Ward Dossche to Roger Nelson:

WD> Roger,

>> I grabbed a huge banana off a nearby plant a couple of days ago,
>> thinking it was ripe because it was yellowish-brown, with more yellow
>> than brown, but couldn't even peel it. I found out later on it wasn't
>> ripe yet. Seems that process was stunted temporarily by the recent
>> cold fronts we had come through here the past couple of weeks.

WD> Us westerners in general know only one kind of banana ... the
WD> yellow-one. While there are over 40 different kinds in different
WD> colours and sizes.

I'm sure that most USAians are blissfully unaware that the *seedless* bananas
sold in the stores here are a genetic aberration. "Normal" bananas have seeds
in them, if memory serves they're about the size, shape and color of watermelon
seeds. Most USAians probably also don't know that a banana plant is *not* a
(it has no trunk; what looks like a tree trunk is actually a mass of tightly
leaves, there's no wood in it and it has no structural strength at all - one
can pull
a banana plant over fairly easily, and a person can cut one down with an

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