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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Fri, 22.12.06 23:51
000- nodelist tactics
Hello Carol!

On Thursday December 21 2006 22:48, you wrote to me:

CS>> Thats been 10 years or more since the 000-

MvdV>> That could be about right. Yes, I think it was about ten years
MvdV>> ago tha Z2 started an experiment with listing IP numbers in
MvdV>> field six prefixed with three zero. AND ABONDONED IT!

CS> So you are still fighting it? Give over Michiel. It's been 10 years

It was a bad idea and the fact that 10 years have passed does not change that.
I will continue to say that as long as it is a bad idea.

CS> It was over 10 years ago. It suited a need. It is now embedded and
CS> no advice I have ever seen from you, has ever been usable to fix it
CS> in Z1.

Oh, but I have. What I have said many times is that the *proper* way to handle
nodes without a telephone number is to put -Unpublished- there. Using the new

But apparently only ZC3 had the balls to go through with that.

MvdV>> is what is happening in FidoNet.

MvdV>> First the 000- numbers, then the all zero numbers and now
MvdV>> culminating in your last invention: totally unreachable hosts
MvdV>> and RC's with no con info whatsoever. If you can not see that
MvdV>> from the POV of an engineer t is a joke, you should resign as
MvdV>> member of the FTSC.

CS> Z6 is largely ION. I know that disturbs you but that is simply a fact

It is not a fact. There are seven sysops listed in Z6. Three of them run a POTS
only system. You, Eddie Salonga and Stewart Buckingham. Two are listed as ION:
Lawrence Fan and Anatoli Tung. (But their IP servers are down) And then there
are two who are listed without any contact info. Bin Li and Terri Roati. They
are neither ION nor POTS. Let us call them NONO.

CS> and it was one before I arrived here 5 years ago. Your acceptance or
CS> denial of this is no longer relevant to me because you have proven
CS> you will not listen to any 'facts' that you cant 'validate'

It is in your own nodelist. 3 POTS only, 2 ION, 2 NONO.

CS>> You are free to feel such. Since all ZC's are in there already,
CS>> I dont think it makes much differnce.

MvdV>> ZC's are invited guests in the FTSC echomail conference. You
MvdV>> however a the only one who is both a ZC and a *member* of the
MvdV>> FTSC.

MvdV>> Another experiment that IMNSHO is not to be repeated.

CS> Fine, flail at me again. I really dont care anymore about how you
CS> think everything should be run.

And a Merry Christmas to you too.

Cheers, Michiel

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