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From: Thomas Kloos (1:116/110)
To: All
Date: Mon, 09.08.21 15:00
Echo Rules
1. The purpose of this echo is to provide user support to sysOPs running
any version of Wildcat! software, and other associated software.
2. Play nice and play fair. Be kind to each other. Be considerate of, and
respectful towards, all other participants.
3. No ridiculing. No Shaming. No personal attacks ("flames").
4. If anyone feels the need to right a perceived wrong, please notify the
moderators by Netmail or E-mail and ask them to deal with the problem.
In other words, leave the moderating to the moderators.
5. No profanity. This is an international family echo. Participants are
expected to act in a mature and polite manner.
6. The language of the WILDCAT!_SUPPORT echo is English. If English
isn't your main language, please use Google Trasnlator before posting.
7. Please do not quote more than necessary.
8. Please use your real name.
9. No advertisements for products or services.
10. Due to their highly emotional implications, discussions of religion,
and politics are prohibited.
11. Participation in this echo is a privilege. Anyone is welcome here as
long as they abide by the rules. Breaking of the rules may lead to the
revoking of this privilege.
12. Enjoy and Have Fun!
Thomas Kloos 1:116/110

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