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From: Ruben Figueroa (1:125/5014.1)
To: All
Date: Thu, 25.02.21 19:42
Goodbye, Felix
-> I had to put my beloved Felix to sleep on February 11. It seems he
-> had a tumor and the poor kitty was starting to really suffer. He
-> was so exhausted that he could only take two steps and then
-> collapse. Towards the end he couldn't make it to the litterbox that
-> was less than a foot away from him.

My daughter had a doberman. His name was Harvey. She came home on day saying
she had a puppy and wanted to keep him. I said ok, she was a grown adult and
knew the responsibility of caring for a pet. Well, that was some puppy. I came
down the stairs and there was this huge dog with his butt on my couch and his
front paw on the floor. I said that's no puppy, that's a horse.

Needless to say Harvey won me over and we had 13 years with him, the gentlest
and loving dog I ever encountered. He also, got sick, had great difficulty in
getting up from laying down and you could tell he was hurting, He had
arthritis (sp). Long story short, she had to do the same.

We have him in an Urn and he is missed everyday.

Harvey we miss ya, be friendly to Felix, as I know you will.

--- InterEcho 1.19
* Origin: PB WildCat 4.20, Mesquite, Tx ( (1:125/5014.1)


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