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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Sat, 17.11.12 16:49
FidoGazette Vol 6 no 19 Page: 4
C O O K I N G: Even SysOps have to Eat

Convection Oven Holiday Turkey

The convection oven roasts meats and bakes in less time than a
conventional oven. Generally, you can expect to save about 20
percent of the food's normal cooking time. Imagine the time
saved on a good sized turkey (20 lbs.Wink.

How does 2 1/2 hours cooking time without having to baste once,
compared to 5 to 5 1/2 hours, with frequent basting sound for an
unstuffed turkey? Smile

A stuffed turkey would be longer, I would guess I'd add a half
hour/45 minutes if you stuff the bird... still shocking given
the stuffed bird in a conventional oven would be well over 6
hours roasting time.

It's incredible.

The convection oven has a fan in back wall of the oven that
circulates the air in the oven, under, over and around the item
being cooked. Turkey comes out juicy, and evenly cooked.

Think about it.. it's Thanksgiving, you've got a 20lb. bird in
the oven... every time you open the door of the oven to baste
the turkey, heat escapes.. even if you open the door, remove
the bird, close the door, baste the bird, return the bird, and
close the door (best way to basted in a conventional oven) you
lose some heat. Because of this Turkey will sometimes come out
unevenly cooked.. Well, the convection oven gets rid of all of
that. The convection oven roasts evenly and thoroughly.

Use a shallow roasting pan with a rack so that air can
circulate. I used a large cookie sheet.

Prepare the turkey the day before, then the next day, take the
turkey out of the refrigerator for 2 hours. Follow the
directions in your convection oven manual, but these directions
should work for you..

The Day Before Roasting:

Take the turkey out of it's wrappings, remove the giblets and
rinse all completely in cold water. Pat the turkey dry. Apply
olive oil all over the skin of the turkey. Let the legs of the
turkey sit "untied" and free ...Salt and pepper the inside and
outside of the bird. Put the turkey on a shallow pan and cover
with plastic wrap and return to the refrigerator.

The Day of The Roast:

Take the bird out of the refridgerator and let it sit at room
temperature for 2 hours.

Check the rack placement to accommodate your turkey.
If your convection oven must preheat, set the temperature to
400F Convection Roast.

Roast the turkey for 20 minutes at 400F, then reduce the heat as

375F for a large (30 or 36 inch) range.
350F for a smaller wall oven (24 or 27 inches).

Continue roasting the turkey until the internal temperature of
the thickest part of the thigh is 160F-170F. Remove the bird
from your oven and let the turkey rest for 20 minutes. The
internal temperature will rise to 180F.

You'll see such a difference in the carving of the turkey as
juicy meat is sliced. Make sure you use cutting board with a
rim to catch all the juices.

You can make a stock the day before when you clean and season
the turkey.. then make a flour paste in the pan and add the
stock and juices.

Happy Thanksgiving!

FIDOGAZETTE Vol 6 No 19 Page 4 November 15th, 2012


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* Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)


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