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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
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Date: Tue, 02.03.21 22:14
Goodbye, Felix
Re: Goodbye, Felix
By: Sean Dennis to Sam Penwright on Wed Feb 24 2021 08:44 pm

> Hello, Sam!
> Replying to a message of Sam Penwright to Sean Dennis:
> SP> I put our dog down she was 13 years old and have tumors inside and
> SP> outside couldnt see. It broke my heart, I cried like a baby. So the
> SP> only thing I can say is she's in my heart and always will be. Just
> SP> like you Felix. Sorry we have to go threw this but it happens. Sam
> I learned a lot from Felix and I'm forever thankful he was in my life. It's
> one of those things in life that no one wants to go through but it has to
> happen.
> Later,
> Sean

I've lost many over time. I am the oddball who adopts older medical issue dogs
that no one else will.

Last year we lost Cash, dog age 14. Then Iowna, blind (Glaucoma, adopted 2
years after blind), age 17. Then Daisy-chan, cat age 25. It was a rough year
as Cash and Daisy had been here since 2007 and Iowna since 2014.

Yes, eventually it does happen. But the joy of having them eventually
recovers. JUst takes a bit for the hurt to subsume.
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