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From: Leonid Gribanov (2:460/256)
To: All
Date: Mon, 01.03.21 14:28
this is my custom subject
Forward from: Fido2telebot
=== A Fidonet/Telegram User Guide ===

This guide is intended to assist the user who uses Telegram to read and post to
the Fidonet echos represented by the "tg BBS v0.6.x" service operated by "Fido
by Telegram BBS by Stas Mishchenkov (2:460/58)"

Chatting with Fido2telebot:
%HELP - this text.
%LIST - List of echo conferences available in Telegram.
%QUERY - List of areas which you are currently linked to
%LINKED - same as %QUERY
%UNLINKED - List available areas which you are not currently linked to

%UserProfile - show your user profile.

%UserProfile (with subsequent commands) - register or change your user profile
%RealName real name in Fido (as in nodelist or pointlist)
%FidoAddr address in Fido, you can put "x" in front to indicate that it is a
%TagLine Tagline, no more than 75 characters, will be automatically inserted
into your messages in Fido, optional.
%Greeting greeting at the beginning of the message, will be automatically
inserted into your messages in Fido, optional
%Conclusion goodbye at the end of the message, will be automatically inserted
into your messages in Fido, optional

You may use macros in the user profile for %Greeting and %Cocnclusion.
Now available:
$CR - carriage return (new line).
$SFN - the sender's first name.
$FN - the full name of the sender.
$TNF - the first name of the recipient.
$RFN - the full name of the recipient.
Use macro $DEL to delete the value of the any specified field.


To set RealName you should send
%RealName SysOp Name

To set Greeting and Conclusion you should send
%Conclusion Thanks, $TNF.$CR Yours $FN.
%Greeting Hello $TNF!

To set ampty tagline you should send
%Tagline $DEL

Chatting with Fido2telebot and in any group:
Most command operations are constructed by starting the command with two
command-symbols and terminating the command with two command-symbols and a new
line. The command-symbols can be any of the following:

- . , = + / $ and their combinations.

Currently there are three commands:

SUBJ: (for specifying a subject)
TO: (to address your message to a specific name)
CC: (to generate a copy of the message to another echo)

Additional spaces between the commands is optional.
The commands are not case senstive.


[1] You can specify a custom subject:

[2] You can address the message to a specific name:

//to: firstname lastname//

[3] You can send a copy of the message to any other echo that
the tg BBS knows about:

Only one tagname is allowed per command line.

Examples of usage:

[Message 1]

//To: Brother Rabbit 2:460/5858//
..subj: #### ..

[Message 2]

..To: Brother Rabbit 2:460/5858..
++ subj: #### ==

[Message 3]

//to: firstname lastname//


Normally, when a message is posted, the first 1-69 characters of a
message will be used as the Subject.

This posting is subject to change and updates.

Created by August Abolins.
--- tg BBS v0.6.4
* Origin: Fido by Telegram BBS from Stas Mishchenkov (2:460/256)


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