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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
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Date: Thu, 25.02.21 19:00
real names
Re: real names
By: August Abolins to Nick Andre on Mon Feb 22 2021 09:11 am

> Hello Nick!
> ** On Saturday 20.02.21 - 20:41, Nick Andre wrote to Vague:
> NA> ..In Fido its often tradition to use real-names or at least
> NA> real-sounding names. Not every echo requires them though.
> PMFJI.. In Fido, the intent of the phrase "real names" is to you
> use one's real name, not a real-sounding one.
> --
> ../|ug

There's som variation though. Dan for Daniel, Ray for Raymond. Also when I
was RC13, I was advised privately by a member that they were in the witness
protection program so had an assumed name he was to use. I was fine with it.

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