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From: Nicholas Boel (1:154/10)
To: All
Date: Sun, 14.02.21 09:33
2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Term Expirations
Hello Carol,

On Thu Feb 11 2021 22:03:16, Carol Shenkenberger wrote to Nicholas Boel:

CS> Well Nick B, With no propsals, our 'work' has been helping people
CS> understand how to MAKE one.

The last couple of proposals that I remember coming through here, ended up
going through a rigorous spelling and grammar checking, and once they could not
be almost completely reworded any more, they were forgotten and never brought
up again.

CS> Ozz had a lot of problems with no modern guides. Modern developers
CS> aren't passing new guides to those who can follow suit. We have
CS> 'pipeline development' now.

Some of these modern developers (Synchronet, Husky, for example) have
documented their own software fully. One only has to go to the wiki to see it
all. Why would they want to burden themselves documenting their own software,
and then writing up proposals and or documentation for the FTSC when they're
not a member, and probably don't want to be one?

CS> Modern tech tells us that is a dead end eventually.

I'm not sure what modern tech is telling you this, but "---SBBSecho 2.11-Win32"
is 10-15 years old now. If you don't keep up with modern tech, I'm not sure how
you can use it as an excuse for anything.

CS> Some of us are helping developers with how to get the 'word out' and
CS> then we see what works.

CS> I'd really hope Stas will help at least with some tech to smartphones
CS> IOS if I got right. I'd like to see somthing from the Mystic
CS> developer and to see SBBS actually submit suggested implementation
CS> proposals would be excellent.

My point is, why should they have to submit anything? They're doing the work on
their own softwares, and documenting it quite nicely. There is absolutely no
reason to burden them with twice the amount of work. It's the FTSC's job to
document for Fidonet, not theirs.

CS> Technically SBBS is open source but that doesnt mean others know the
CS> basics to find it.

No but any current FTSC members should know how to find it. If they don't, they
probably shouldn't be FTSC members.

CS> So, any better ideas? With no repository on 'how-to' we leave all
CS> developers hanging and we die. It doesnt MATTER if it is a proposal
CS> or raised to a standard just now. It needs to be where they can find
CS> it.

It is where they can find it. They're just not looking.


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