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From: Maurice Kinal (1:153/7001)
To: All
Date: Sun, 14.02.21 00:12
"Packet Type 2 Compatible Formats" (Ex FSP-1040)
-={ 2021-02-13 23:12:21.152375887+00:00 }=-

Hey Rob!

RS> It's not uncommon for January to represented as a 0.

You're making my point, as your example with JavaScript demonstrates. It is
derived from c's time.h.

RS> it uses localtime(Wink

A time.h function along with gmtime(Wink and strftime(Wink. I'd be surprised if
those functions weren't included in JavaScript given localtime(Wink.

RS> to convert the stored time_t to a struct tm and then I use sprintf
RS> to format into the standard DateTime field syntax.

strftime(Wink works just as well, even replicating two digit year formats such as
the packed message header's DateTime string. As simple as using '%d %b %y %T'
in the specifier field of the strftime(Wink call, including using the c89
standards. However I believe '%F %T %z' to be the superior output for a packed
meassage DateTime string.

RS> You could sum up the vast majority of FidoNet in those two
RS> words: "poorly designed".

Probably. I believe having these types of conversations in public has the
potential towards solving that flaw.

RS> I guess we shouldn't really have expected more from technology
RS> developed by amateurs.

Speak for yourself. I do expect more. Both from them, whoever them are, as
well as myself. That has always been my motivation for participating in this
fine and honourable echoarea.

Life is good,

... Fus sceal feran, fæge sweltan.
Those who are ready must go, the doomed die.
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From: Dan Clough (1:123/115)
To: All
Date: Sat, 13.02.21 21:07
Re: "Packet Type 2 Compatible Formats" (
-=> Nick Andre wrote to Dan Clough <=-

DC> Probably true as well. But that doesn't change the rules in here. If a
DC> person is that worried about their real name showing up, they shouldn't
DC> post at all. The rules apply to everyone, not just the non-paranoid
DC> ones. He shouldn't be allowed to post here with that name.

NA> Echo mods can't really enforce rules anymore, due to the
NA> now-common meshing topology in place where many systems peer with
NA> many others for an Echomail area. At least one-third of all
NA> systems connecting here are redundant feeds. A moderator kinda
NA> needs to hope and pray that a system distributing an area honours
NA> whatever request is made. Feed cuts are almost impossible. This
NA> kindof explains why Lefaso gets away with murder, Oli is just as
NA> pretentious as Bono and Vague "is" vague.

Yes, I understand about the difficulty with enforcement. Seems like
somebody (moderator) could at least *SAY* something to obvious rules
violators such as this guy "Oli", though.

NA> We do have somewhat of a last kick-at-the-can of Echomail
NA> "control" known as an Elist where one can list a moderator,
NA> rules, real names or not, etc. with a central system but I do not
NA> see how its practically enforceable.

There apparently is not a rules file for this echo, unfortunately.

... All hope abandon, ye who enter messages here.
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