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From: andrew clarke (3:633/267)
To: All
Date: Sat, 13.02.21 20:35
Future of web site
13 Feb 21 17:08, you wrote to me:

Ol> If you compare all three, Gitlab and Github is very similar and
Ol> Sourceforge the horrible mess. I'm not very deep into Gitlab or Github,
Ol> but my impression is that since Microsoft bought Github they have added
Ol> features to the free plan, that had only been available in the free
Ol> Gitlab plan before. The biggest advantage of Gitlab is that is open
Ol> source (if you really want to install it on your own server). It also
Ol> has a better search. Overall I find Github a bit easier to use. They are
Ol> both equally good options.

Ultimately it doesn't really matter as long as a decision is made and the repo

If Microsoft happens to screw up GitHub 10 years from now then that's not a
huge deal for most people.

Though somehow I don't see the FTSC having much to do by 2031.

I don't really see Microsoft messing up GitHub as it would create a lot of
ill-will towards open source developers, including their own employees, but in
any case it's usually fairly trivial to move most smaller repos elsewhere,
especially something small and relatively static like the FTSC docs. And in the
unlikely event a decent free alternative is unavailable, self-hosting is an

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