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From: Oli (2:280/464.47)
To: All
Date: Sat, 13.02.21 17:33
"Packet Type 2 Compatible Formats" (Ex FSP-1040)
Dan wrote (2021-02-13):

DC> Most Fidonet echos "require" a real name. Does this one? If so, why is
DC> he being allowed to post here with that name?

We had this discussion already some months/years ago. Read the rules.

What about calling people assholes, tell them to die and other stuff? Is that
somehow covered by the 'rules'? If you like law and order, please behave

* Origin: . (2:280/464.47)

From: Nick Andre (1:229/426)
To: All
Date: Sat, 13.02.21 11:47
Re: "Packet Type 2 Compatible Formats" (
On 13 Feb 21 09:23:00, Dan Clough said the following to Bj*Rn Felten:

DC> Probably true as well. But that doesn't change the rules in here. If a
DC> person is that worried about their real name showing up, they shouldn't
DC> post at all. The rules apply to everyone, not just the non-paranoid
DC> ones. He shouldn't be allowed to post here with that name.

Echo mods can't really enforce rules anymore, due to the now-common meshing
topology in place where many systems peer with many others for an Echomail
area. At least one-third of all systems connecting here are redundant feeds. A
moderator kinda needs to hope and pray that a system distributing an area
honours whatever request is made. Feed cuts are almost impossible. This kindof
explains why Lefaso gets away with murder, Oli is just as pretentious as Bono
and Vague "is" vague.

We do have somewhat of a last kick-at-the-can of Echomail "control" known as
an Elist where one can list a moderator, rules, real names or not, etc. with
a central system but I do not see how its practically enforceable.


--- Renegade vY2Ka2
* Origin: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? (1:229/426)


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