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From: andrew clarke (3:633/267)
To: All
Date: Sat, 13.02.21 12:43
Future of web site
12 Feb 21 18:34, you wrote to Nick Andre:

>> The FTSC could always be disbanded if it cannot serve its purpose?

RS> Just so long as the web-site is kept up, I don't see much difference.

I have no strong opinion on whether the FTSC should still exist, but the FTSC
web site's operation as a document repository has long been superceded by
superiour web hosts where that is their primary purpose, like SourceForge,
GitHub and GitLab.

So to save on hosting costs (and the risk of expiring etc) I suggest
decomissioning the current FTSC web site and hosting all the FTSC documents on
GitHub, and uploading a snapshot to

Then if anyone still wants to go to the trouble of keeping the domain
& web site alive they can redirect web visitors to the GitHub repo instead. The
Wikipedia entry for FidoNet could also point to both the GitHub repo and snapshot, since they're fairly relevant.

Hosting all the FTSC documents on GitHub would be particularly useful since it
would allow anyone to write bug reports or file "issues" relating to the
various FidoNet standards documents, which may help any future developers. (Or

Spoken as a former maintainer of the web site, several years ago. I
see it's still using the same layout and colour scheme. Smile

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