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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Thu, 11.02.21 23:18
2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Term Expirations
Re: 2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Term Expirations
By: Stas Mishchenkov to Carol Shenkenberger on Sun Feb 07 2021 06:42 pm

> Hi, Carol!
> 06 䥢 21 14:26, Carol Shenkenberger -> Stas Mishchenkov:
> CS> Hey Stas, want to fart in a puddle with me?
> Why not? ;)
> CS> Ok, joking aside, once you expand Telegram to delivery from 3 or more
> CS> sites, when would a flag be appropriate in your view for folks to reach
> CS> out easier for a link? I know you are not there yet (still developing)
> CS> but does it sound like a need later down the road?
> For now the Talegram_BBS is so far from the moment when it can be runned by
> othe nodes.
> Meanwhile, I have some other ideas that I have implemented on my node and it
> would be very easy to implement them on others. This would be especially eas
> if will properly documented by the FTSC. However, to date, the PKT and MSG
> standard is still documented in FTS-0001, which is now practically not used
> anyone and the widely used corresponding formats are not documented. Does it
> make sense to offer something new?
> Yes, I know there is now a very important new flag BEER in the nodelist. ;)
> PS: For example Try send netmail
> From : Carol Shenkenberger 1:275/100
> To : Pind 2:460/58
> Have nice nights.
> Stas Mishchenkov.

Lol! pass what you can to us. We can always take a proposal and work with you
on it if formatting is a help. Many of us can help with technical wording if
there is confusion.

Send us what we can use for now? Last I had from August seemed to indicate I
needed to be a UNIX version to even start but others with that, can look and
see what they can do?

Eventually you will hit a release level stage and documenting that will mean
others can then help. They may be able to make '3rd party solutions' (add ons)
to things you have not gotten to yet,

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