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From: Oli (2:280/464.47)
To: All
Date: Tue, 09.02.21 11:09
2021 FTSC Standing Member Election -
Nick wrote (2021-02-07):

NA> On 07 Feb 21 18:31:57, Oli said the following to Nick Andre:

O>> Which part of it? Which PKT formats are used by your system? Please
O>> point to the FTSs that describe these formats.

NA> As per FTS-0001.016. Application B section 1 - Message storage. Section 2
NA> - Schedules and events, specifically ZMH as I have a dialup modem line.

NA> Application C - Presentation Layer section 1. Compatible packed message.

NA> Application D - Session layer. All sections. All specification supported
NA> here.

NA> Application F - Network layer. All sections. Everything supported here.

NA> Application G - Data Link Layer. All sections. Everything accepted here.

NA> Several more FTS's supported here not to mention EMSI which was invented
NA> by both Joaquim Homrighausen and the original D'Bridge author. But I
NA> added the frosting on the cake by directly integrating with the BinkD
NA> protocol specs so this system really is both a "true" hybrid dialup and
NA> Internet system.

NA> That was done with the help of Ward Dossche... the guy whom I was told
NA> horror stories about and was called every name in the book, but has
NA> always been very nice to trade banter with. The guy who helped in July
NA> 2018 when I inherited a total mess from my ZC predecessor. You know, the
NA> one you cozy up with in Fidogazette. I rewrote that mess in two nights to
NA> make it "work". You know, to produce correct nodelists on time. But sure
NA> lets talk about FTS-0001...

NA> So you may connect here using BinkD or make an international dialup modem
NA> call to Toronto Canada and connect as low as 300 baud to an IBM 7855 and
NA> initiate a minimal Xmodem or Telink session if you wanted to. Maybe you
NA> prefer Yoohoo handshaking? Or try your hand at some WaZOO or Bark hackery?

NA> I still receive the occasional dialup BBS call but for the sake of this
NA> discussion the last "serious" downlink I had that did Fido via. dialup
NA> was a non-profit BBS geared towards disabled/handicapped chatter that was
NA> running Wildcat and ViaMail on a 386 PC polling here at 2400 baud several
NA> times a day. That was probably... uhhhh I'm guessing only 5 or 6 years
NA> ago and for some reason Telink worked better than EMSI but to be fair
NA> that was being done over a VOIP setup at the time.

NA> Now the troll says what?

After starting with an answer for the first question, which transformed into
raving about various ZCs in various ways, your mail suddenly stops here.

Are you intentionally avoiding the other questions?
Or do you have a short attention span and cannot resist the immediate urge to
babble about the cool dude you think you are and how others suck?

Did you understand the questions from the previous mails?

* Origin: . (2:280/464.47)


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