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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sat, 06.02.21 15:26
2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Term Expirations
Re: 2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Term Expirations
By: Stas Mishchenkov to Ward Dossche on Fri Feb 05 2021 11:04 pm

> Hi, Ward!
> 05 䥢 21 14:19, Ward Dossche -> Carol Shenkenberger:
> WD> But ... please dream on.
> WD> Have a good week-end.
> That's what you say very, very well. Today it is a completely dead structure
> that does nothing. All their recent activity is a big fart into a puddle...
> Have nice nights.
> Stas Mishchenkov.

Hey Stas, want to fart in a puddle with me?

Ok, joking aside, once you expand Telegram to delivery from 3 or more sites,
when would a flag be appropriate in your view for folks to reach out easier for
a link? I know you are not there yet (still developing) but does it sound like
a need later down the road?

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