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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sat, 06.02.21 15:19
2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Term Expirations
Re: 2021 FTSC Standing Member Election - Term Expirations
By: August Abolins to Carol Shenkenberger on Thu Feb 04 2021 08:56 pm

> Hello Carol!
> ** On Thursday 04.02.21 - 17:12, Carol Shenkenberger wrote to Dallas Hinton:
> >> AL> Name Node
> >> AL> Andrew Leary 1:320/219
> >> AL> mark lewis 1:3634/12
> >> AL> Richard Menedetter 2:310/31
> >> AL> Carol Shenkenberger 1:275/100
> >> AL> Ozz Nixon 1:275/362
> >> AL> Nick Andre 1:229/426
> What exactly have these people done wrt the FTSC activity since
> the last elections?
> --
> ../|ug

There hasn't been much going on be a couple of us have been helping folks
understand how the standards got in place and how proposals work.

There are 2 in possible view in the not too distant future. One from Maurice
on datestamps that may morf a bit to become msg-id area (not clear to me on
where he's taking it but he's looking at the next Y2K type event) and you and
Stas with Telegram working off smartphone/Notepads (assume I got that right).

Ozz has been developing a BBS with embedded mailer/tosser from what I can tell.
In fact, I need to finish a project of my own then see if he wants to be added
to the credits. He found a bit of my old nodelist FAQ (I recognize my own
wording) and made some edits to it (jarring in style but not incorrect, just
changes). I suspect Richard Menedetter will find this one up his ally and find
what I am missing. Andrew is doing his best as coordinator but with little
material to coordinate and Nick is new enough, nothing has really happened but
he devlops a major mailer.

I think all are valid. I can't think who to suggest might want to join the
FTSC but Stas might want to or you?

I have one other thought. If no one screams too hard, maybe we can mix the
renewal election dates a bit so it's not so lop-sided? Just adjust some to
further out. We've done that before. Twice that I know of.

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