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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
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Date: Thu, 04.02.21 23:49
Positivity on Social Media
Hello Charles!

** On Saturday 30.01.21 - 19:10, Charles Pierson wrote to All:

CP> A short while ago I shared a video somewhere in the BBS
CP> world featuring my brother..

CP> As an update on his endeavors.. Friday, the shop was sold
CP> out in 6 hours.

That's good and bad! :/ Good that people were interested in
supporting the shop, but bad that the shop couldn't do business
over the weekend (which is what I assumed happend since they
sold out of everything on Friday.Wink

CP> That's something positive I see that can hapoen with social
CP> media.

Yes.. it's like the modern megahorn of the century.

CP> Even with the struggles he is having during the ongoing
CP> restrictions due to covid, he's highlighting fellow
CP> businesses to promote them as well.

A kind of lethargy has settled in my town, and people are simply
not shopping for things they do not deem to be essential.

There is a shoe shop right across the street from me. They
decided to go dark on Dec 26, and actually lock up. I can see
some deliveries arrive from time to time, but they don't
entertain the public. I don't see why they couldn't allow a few
people at a time.

After all the years of just getting by with the old shoes and
boots that I do have, this would have been ideal to shop for
something new.

Dedicated clothing stores are pretty much all closed and non-

Banks only allow a handful of people inside, or they insist on
"by appointment" only. I believe I wrote about a recent
experience I had with my bank around mid-January.

But.. I have achieved a bit of an upswing in "special orders",
so that keeps me juggling my options.


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