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From: Michael Pierce (1:105/81)
To: All
Date: Mon, 01.02.21 13:08
New DB user
Hello Nick!

31 Jan 21 13:04, you wrote to Rick Smith:

NA> On 31 Jan 21 09:39:52, Rick Smith said the following to Nick Andre:

RS>> Thanks for clearing that up. I did read your docs (also very
RS>> nice)... I don think either of my BBS's will work with DB area
RS>> limitation, so I either sta another or use it as a point.. I cant
RS>> delete it, I like it too much...

I agree, its nice

NA> You are more than welcome to use a 3rd-party tosser with D'Bridge;
NA> there are many Sysops with Squish/JAM based BBS's that use one this
NA> way and just leave the mailer exchanging things via BinkD.

was wondering what parameters get passed when using external tosser?
my external command looks like
which looks like
hpt toss scan pack afix

I am getting the following error message
unzip: cannot find either C:DBINBOUND18608100.tos or

yet the hptconfig file has proper inbound c:\db\inbound

my unpack command looks like unpack "unzip -j -Loqq $a $f -d $p" 0 504b0304

Thanks for any ideas


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