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From: Nil Alexandrov (2:5015/46)
To: n/a
Date: Fri, 03.01.20 00:56
jamnntpd issues, smapinntpd
Hello, Fabio!

Wednesday January 01 2020 12:04, from Fabio Bizzi -> Nil Alexandrov:

FB> Smapinntp coredumps randomly on my system (devuan ascii x64).

If you can reproduce the crash, then submit a bug report.
I've seen a coredump inside the smapi library itself when opening a corrupted
JAM database file (after jamnntpd 64bit mess).

FB> But the big issue also with 32 bit binaries on a 64 bit system is that
FB> the answering in an echo conference doesnt put the right name in the
FB> To: field.

Does your NNTP client provide the 'X-Comment-To:' header?

Just tested with NewsTapLite for iOS and SmapiNNTPd.
NewsTapLite passes the X-Comment-To:' and SmapiNNTPd puts it to the 'To:' FTN

FB> With some version of jamnntpd the answer is always To:ALL with others
FB> the field is left empty. Sad

Reply (which is called a follow-up in NNTP/Usenet world) will put the right
'To:' when I post from the latest Thunderbird, cannot verify now, probably it
passes the X-Comment-To as well.

Do you expect that jamnntpd/smapinntpd would go ahead and find out the name
from the original message to which the reply is being posted?

Best Regards, Nil
--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
* Origin: -=NIL BBS=- (2:5015/46)


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