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From: Oli (2:280/464.47)
To: n/a
Date: Thu, 02.01.20 18:18
jamnntpd issues, smapinntpd
NA> Here's my list of TODO ;-)

NA> * Socket reuse (just one line fix, otherwise you need
NA> to wait a few mins after restart).

and i wondered why jamnntpd never restarts immediately ...
NA> * Add utf8 support for posting.

it's already possible to post utf8 messages. there is onky a problem with

NA> * Maybe get rid of charset files completely, just
NA> compile with libiconv or ICU.

that would be nice, i hate these charset files ... Smile

NA> * Having been integrated with Husky project,
NA> specifically with SMAPI library, so why not using the
NA> fidoconf to read out groups.

please, keep jamnntpd independent from the husky project, which is a mess ...

* Origin: kakistocracy (2:280/464.47)


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