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From: Al Kaiser (1:142/926)
To: All
Date: Thu, 28.01.21 12:29
Happy New Year To All
Flavio Bessa wrote to Al Kaiser Subject: Happy New Year To All

AK>> I understand Discovery is going for another season which
AK>> confuses me,  I thought everyone in that series was either dead
AK>> or forgotten.

FB> Well, they made the jump to the 32nd Century, so Season 3 was
FB> all about introducing how the universe is by then and setting the
FB> stage for their new adventures.

FB> As far as I know, they have been renewed up to Season 6.
FB> Season 4 will start filming soon, Covid permittng.

I just could not get into the many "non cannon" things in Discovery the
two biggest being giving Spock a sister never mentioned anywhere else and
the races never seen of before or hear from again.

The "salty" language was not true Trek in my mind and as I said dno't think
Gene would have approved of many things. Though I do see some surprising
language in Picard. I've been through the first tso discs so far and the
last dusc of season one is due from Netflix either today or tomorrow. That
will be a Saturday night watch.

Sill wating for a good tagline, I have not heard one yet.

-=> Al Kaiser <=-


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