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From: August Abolins (1:396/45.29)
To: All
Date: Tue, 26.01.21 00:12
more covid-related restrictions
Hello Shawn!

** On Tuesday 19.01.21 - 12:02, Shawn Highfield wrote to August Abolins:

-=>> August Abolins wrote to Shawn Highfield <=-

AA>> Socks?

SH> The dishonorable prime minister Justin "Look at my socks"
SH> Trustfund.

He's comfortable in his socks. He surely has a leg or two in top
investments, a comfy retirement fund, and his father's
inheritance to draw upon.

AA>> If you're just managing the tax filing on your own right
AA>> now, it may be worth getting someone to do the next one

SH> I only do the GST part on my own and this year not even
SH> that. I have a really good accountant who knows all the
SH> regulations.

Unless your accountant is just a bookkeeper, the accountant part
of the process should be able to advise you where you can make
adjustments for improvement.

Look who's talking. My last accountant was a CPA but she did not
offer any practical advise at all. She missed an entire expense
category - that I provided data for - for the last 6 years that
amounted to about $10K. I assumed her work was accurate. I only
found out about her mistake a few months before she announced
that she was retiring. As a result, my reported income was much
higher than it needed to be, and I ended paying unncessary
taxes. I had to borrow to cover it!

AA>> sure you account for every damn thing that relates to an
AA>> expense: car wash and supplies, cleaning, safety
AA>> equipment, professional dues and fees, etc.

SH> Don't worry about that. Been doing that for years.

This last year may be the first where I report losses, and no
taxes to pay! (yay).

SH> ..I don't trust banks and when I did have enough money to
SH> save I saved it in cash and silver in a safe at a
SH> location no one could guess. It now holds only my birth
SH> cert and expired passport as the money and silver has
SH> long been spent.

I've considered a safe too, but to be effective, it would need
to be bolted down. I would also need a fancy painting to hide it
behind. :/

I split my money between two different banks. Bank #1 is used to
receive the cash deposits and the automated debit/cc terminal
payments, and bank #2 is used to pay the bills since the cheques
and payments are free. I found a way to transfer the money from
bank #1 to #2 that does not incur any traditional inter-
institutional fees.

There is little to no opportunity to save any dollars. It goes
out almost as fast as it comes in.

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