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From: Bjrn Forsstrm (2:203/614.61)
To: All
Date: Thu, 05.07.07 19:07
->> we use "liter per mil" where "mil" is a Swedish mile which is ten km.

DW> The word "mile" is derived from the Latin "mille", meaning "thousand".
DW> When the legions were marching, they counted "paces", one pace consisting
DW> of two steps, one with each foot. A thousand paces defined a mile, which
DW> is about 1.6 km.

Never heard that before.

DW> If Swedes cover ten kilometres in a thousand paces, they must have
DW> remarkably long legs. Or maybe something else was counted, maybe
DW> oar-strokes in a Viking ship. That might be about right.

DW> Do you have any definite information about the origins of the Swedish
DW> "mil"?

* Origin: . (2:203/614.61)


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