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From: Brian Klauss (1:104/116)
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Date: Fri, 22.01.21 17:16
deaf and dumb
Re: deaf and dumb
By: Bob Roberts to August Abolins on Fri Jan 22 2021 02:46 pm

> This is similar to a scam I used to see in Airports, before 9/11, and still
> see on public transportation in The City (San Francisco). A person,
> claiming to be deaf, will hand out cards indicating their are deaf and
> soliciting a donation. Sometimes it will be accompanied by an item which you
> can keep if you donate. It's most often a small package of tissues. They
> will start at one end of the car, hand out all their cards and tissue, then
> go back and pick up the tissue, and/or donations left.

My wife is hearing impaired in both ears (since she was 6). Whenever she'd see
these scammers, she'd give them an evil scowl and shew them away. I asked her
when we started dating why she did that. Her explanation said it all, "They
are just trying to scam you out of money. They can talk, they are just trying
to make you feel guilty."

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