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From: Flavio Bessa (4:801/188)
To: All
Date: Thu, 21.01.21 09:55
Happy New Year To All
On 20/01/21 11:49, Al Kaiser -> Flavio Bessa wrote:
AK> Flavio Bessa wrote to Al Kaiser Subject: Happy New Year To All

 FB>> Happy new year! Let us know your thoughts on "Picard"
 FB>> afterwards...

AK> Well I've just got the first disc so I'll reserve my thoughts until I get
AK> all three for the first season.

Let us know. I've enjoyed it a lot, looking forward to the next season!

AK> I understand Discovery is going for another season which confuses me,  I
AK> thought everyone in that series was either dead or forgotten.

Well, they made the jump to the 32nd Century, so Season 3 was all about
introducing how the universe is by then and setting the stage for their new

As far as I know, they have been renewed up to Season 6. Season 4 will start
filming soon, Covid permittng.

Flavio Bessa - 4:801/188 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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